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Electronic Control Modules and Event Data Recorders can provide informational data and potential litigation information such as:

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Hard Braking Events
  • Vehicle Top Speeds
  • Last Stop
  • Cruise Control Settings
  • Vehicle Monthly Activities
  • Hours Of Service

The ECM Team specializes in extracting this data. In 2000, DaimlerChrysler Powersystem’s Detroit Diesel Corporation took the lead in determining it would be in their best interest to provide a third party for ECM Data Extractions and Summarization. Therefore, in 2001 they certified the ECM team, (Event Data Information Group) group to provide this service.

We are the most experienced independent third party nationwide group to perform extractions and summarize the information stored in the Detroit’s, Mercedes, Caterpillar, Mack, Cummins and Volvo engine ECM’s, as well as Event Data Recorders (EDR) such as Vorad or Siemens, equipment known as the “Black Box”.

Using the ECM Team ensures that the extraction is performed with special software without deleting or modifying the data. Preserving the data is important to the vehicle owner, legal departments and authorities. State Police, State Attorneys, and plaintiff and defense attorneys are now requesting this data, in some cases shortly or immediately after the accident. Therefore experience, training and the proper software are critical to collecting all of the ECM data and Event Data Recorder history.

The best time to extract this data is while the ECM is still on the vehicle and the vehicle has not been driven, especially in the case of a fatality.

Protect yourself, the company or your client. If a data extraction is directed to a truck or engine dealer, they may not be authorized or have adequate experience in potential litigation cases. In using the dealer or fleet shop personnel, important data could be destroyed, modified or lost. They may have technicians trained in checking engine parameters but not necessarily experienced in the preservation of data or testimony pressures as an expert or witness in this field.

We have consulted and testified in depositions and courts regarding ECM data. We are prepared for immediate response to travel to incident sites in the United States, Canada and Mexico, worldwide if required. Contact us ASAP.

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