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Today’s diesel trucks have a “Black Box” (Electronic Control Module) ECM, to control the fuel and monitor electronic sensors on these engines. However, each engine company provides their own design and software. The information from the on-road ECM can provide some of the following stored data: Vehicle Speed, Hard Braking & Quick Stop Events, Vehicle Top Speed Setting, use of Cruise Control, Vehicle Monthly Activity's as well as other pertinent stored data.

In 2000 the ECM Team group was established. In November 2001, the ECM Team completed a DaimlerChrysler Powersystems's Diesel Company training and certification class to extract and analyze the information stored in the Detroit Diesel ECMs. At that time we were the first and only dealer authorized group listed with the dealers. This training, in addition to having the most current special software, allows us to download the stored information without destroying or erasing the ECM data. Experience, training and the proper software are critical to collecting all data and ECM history.

In July 2003, the members of the ECM Team completed a Mercedes Benz, MBE Data Extraction training and certification class at the DaimlerChrysler Powersystems's Detroit Diesel Training Center.

In 2004 our capabilities expanded to other engine manufactures and we are able to provide the same services for Caterpillar, Mack, and other engine ECM’s unique proprietary data.

With EDR (Event Data Recorder) now becoming more popular (approximately 40000 trucks) we are able to provide the same type of service to Vorad with the removal of the unit and extraction of the data supporting the same services as with the ECM data.

With our individual locations, additional staff, large airports and demographic areas, we are prepared for immediate response (within 4 hours) for travel to any incident site in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Worldwide services are also available.

The ECM Team is dedicated to providing professional ECM or EDR extractions with report analysis, deposition and trial support on all type commercial vehicles or construction equipment. We can provide the same services for automobile accidents.

Please Contact Us for additional information and rates for ECM analysis and reports.

"Penske is pleased with your services in performing the downloads on our customers leased vehicles. In some cases we are not aware of the situation until it is too late. I have advised my staff to refer you to our internal and external claims people." - Rick Duffy, Penske Truck Leasing


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